Ginger – a new study has been shown to be effective in the prevention and treatment of swine flu

For winter 2010-2011 brings with it a wave of influenza, and in light of the many cases of swine flu in the winter last year; known among medical professionals that a person with a strong immune system can cope more easily with the virus and avoid infection.

On – from Chinese and Indian medicine (Figure – Veda), ginger – ginger – is one of the most effective herbs to strengthen the immune system and the prevention and treatment of diseases cold, including influenza. A study conducted at the University Toyama, Japan Medicine and Pharmacy Science validates this approach and indicates the ability of ginger in preventing and treating influenza type A, with whom also is among the swine flu.

The influenza virus enters the body through the upper respiratory tract and attacks the immune system. In most cases, the first cells to respond to this attack are Hmkrofg’im – Bolaniim white blood cells that are immediate barrier against attack vitro. Hmkrofg’im swallow and digest once the foreign body and stimulate a chain of other immune responses in the body. Experimental research has shown that ginger extract an inhibitory effect on the growth and influenza virus type A through the mediation of the Hmkrofg’im.

Professor Moshe Sternfeld, a specialist in internal medicine and Chinese medicine: “Ginger is one of warming foods recommended for the prevention and treatment of disease states of cold. Spicy foods, like ginger, are very effective warming foods flu. Addition to heating the body tang helps strengthen the respiratory tract. properties anti – infectious ginger and its heating capacity make it an effective weapon against cold diseases, including swine flu when it meets the criteria of the disease happened. To maximize the health benefits of Redheads s recommended to use fresh root, and ginger spice powder or unsweetened. “