About Us

For the past 30 years, Tekoa Farms has specialized in cultivation, marketing and import of unique, high quality fruits and vegetables. The farm, founded by Mira Weigensberg and Oren Kessler in 1986, began by cultivating oyster mushrooms and developing, over time, precise and scientific mushroom cultivation methods in climate-controlled growing environments.

Tekoa Farms is highly regarded by both cultivators and chefs for its sophisticated methods and is today, the leading professional entity for specialty mushrooms in Israel. More new and unique vegetable products have been added to the Israeli food basket, courtesy of Tekoa Farms, resulting in heightened interest and demand for an expanding variety of food innovations.

Since its founding, Tekoa Farms has endeavored to broaden its range of unique food items for the Israeli table, to achieve the highest standards and respond to growing demand from our customers for natural and healthy food. Our products include a variety of fresh and dried mushroom types, fresh ginger, endive, fresh turmeric root, sun-dried tomatoes, genuine lime, shallots and more. Some of these are locally produced and others are imported from distant and exotic lands. They are “our treasures”, each carefully chosen for their high level of quality, health benefits, and of course – taste.

Today, thanks to wide variety, easy availability and low prices, “our treasures” can be found in almost every kitchen in Israel.

On our website and a many of our packaging you can find recipes by well-known chefs and by Tekoa Farms employees with a gift for culinary perfection.

We strive to be attentive to our customers, to innovate and amaze, and to offer uncompromising quality and service.

Happily at your service,

The Tekoa Farms Team