בצלצלי שאלוט
בצלצלי שאלוט
בצלצלי שאלוט

Small, delicate, and aromatic—the shallot, unlike the everyday white or purple onion—releases its flavors and stimulates the taste buds to render every sauce, cooked dish or salad even tastier.
Shallots, widely used in French cuisine, are the “secret ingredient” in many recipes.
Ours are sold in bags or trays and their freshness is best preserved when refrigerated.
A long-time favorite of food enthusiasts, shallots are more delicate than the classic white onion and develop a sweeter taste during cooking.
They are suitable for a variety of cooked dishes and also very tasty when raw. They add interest and color to a salad, sandwich or omelet.
Shallots are small, have a thin skin and need to be patiently and gently peeled.
To lighten our client’s kitchen chores, We at Tekoa Farms now offer shallots already peeled and ready to use, a savings in time and inconvenience.