Shimeji Mushrooms

In nature, brown and white beautiful Shimeji mushrooms grow on trees.

Our Shimeji mushrooms are grown on sterilized substrate inside climate-controlled rooms.

Shimeji mushrooms grow in clusters. Each of the mushrooms in the cluster has a relatively long thin leg and a small cap that appear together like a bunch of flowers. They add a special taste and appearance to any dish.

Shimeji have a relatively long shelf life and contain natural flavor-enhancers.

Preparation- Shimeji should not be eaten raw. They are good for cooking or frying. Before cooking, disconnect the mushrooms from their base (the substrate) and separate them.  To reduce waste, substrate can also be removed by holding the mushrooms under a stream of running water and cleaning it off with your fingers.  Pat the mushrooms dry after contact with water.

Recommended uses- Shimeji will maintain its firm texture even after a long cooking process. After even short cooking, the natural slight bitterness of the Shimeji is replaced with a nut- like flavor.