פטריות שיטאקי
פטריות שיטאקי מיובשות

Shitake mushrooms originate in Japan. The name means ‚Äúmushrooms of the Shi tree”. Shi is Japanese for tree , take means mushroom.
Shitakes were traditionally grown on oak tree trunks or logs and are the most popular mushroom in the Far East. In recent years, their popularity has increased in the West.
Fresh Shitakes are aromatic, meaty and amazingly tasty, an improvement to every dish. They add their own special aroma to soups, pasta, meat, and more.
To prepare them for use in soups, sauces or any cooked dish, the dried mushrooms should be soaked in hot boiled water for 10-20 minutes. The water retains the distinctive mushroom taste and may be added to the cooking.