Sugar snap peas

אפונה ירוקה
אפונה מתוקה

Sugar snap peas are a new and unique kind of peas in Israel which are characterized by crisp texture, sweet taste and large juicy beans.

Sugar snap peas are a cultured species which were developed by a combination of two pea species in the late 1960’s.  This species of peas was developed from the desire to be able to enjoy the crispy sweetness of peas without having to peel them. By combining the garden pea with the sweet pea, a new kind of pea was developed which is sweet, crisp and juicy, has a large smooth pod and is pleasant to eat.

Out peas grow naturally with no use of pesticides. Their season starts when winter begins and lasts about 5 months, until the summer.

Recommended Use- The peas are a great natural and fresh snack for children and adults, as is or lightly seasoned.  Additionally, you can enjoy their sweetness by stir-frying or by  incorporating them into hot/cold salads and pastas by cooking/blanching. Sugar snap peas are a rich and nutritious vegetable addition for every meal.

Use– Preparing the peas does not require any prior action, simply wash and eat or blanch/stir-fry for a few minutes.

Nutritional Value– Sugar snap  peas are rich in dietary fibers, folic acid and vitamins C, A and K.

Per 100 grams– Energy – 42 kilocalories, Carbohydrates – 5g , Protein – 3.4g, Fats – 0.2g,  Cholesterol – 0mg, Fibers – 2.5g, Sodium – 4mg, Sugars – 3.9g.