Super Sweet Corn

תירס סופר מתוק חוות תקוע
תירס סופר מתוק של חוות תקוע

Corn is part of the grain family, just like wheat, rice, rye and oats, and is the only tropical grain originating in Central America.

In its cultivated version, corn was first discovered about 500 years ago with the discovery of America. The Aztecs in Mexico were the first to discover corn as food, and from there it began spreading quickly around the entire continent. Even today, the nutrition of Latin American residents is mostly based on various corn products, and it is common in the different cuisines of many peoples and countries.

Corn, as opposed to other grains, is customarily eaten when its seeds are juicy rather than dry, and is therefore also viewed as a vegetable. The fact that corn is a grain is nutritionally reflected in its high carbohydrate content in comparison to other vegetables.

The quality of super sweet corn is different than ordinary corn – its sweetness is three times as high and its texture is crunchy and juicy. With this variety, sugar breaks down more slowly and therefore the high degree of sweetness is maintained over time.

The uniqueness of this variety lies in the way this corn is eaten – it is possible to eat it fresh, directly from the cob and without any precooking. Its taste is sweet, juicy and wonderful, just like an apple or any other fruit.

This type of corn is great for integrating into fresh salads and for making fritters, pies and more. Of course, it can also be cooked in boiling water like ordinary corn, or be roasted in the oven or on a grill after brushing it lightly with olive oil or butter.

It is recommended to consume soon after buying. And it should be stored in the fridge.

How to choose: it is recommended to buy corn cobs with stems whose ends are green and that are covered with pale green leaves. It’s best to feel the cobs a bit: with firm, plump and smooth seeds you can be sure the corn is fresh.

Health benefits: corn is rich in dietary fibers (that aid the digestive system), B vitamins, and many minerals including iron, magnesium, selenium, zinc and phosphorus. It is rich in folate (which is essential for, among other things, the normal development of children and proper fetus development during pregnancy) and in antioxidants that assist in strengthening the immune system.