Super Sweet White Corn

תירס לבן מתוק

Corn is one of the most common crops in the world and one of the favorite foods of children and adults alike.

It is part of the grain family, like wheat or oats, but some mistakenly treat it like a vegetable as it is eaten fresh rather than dried. The fact that corn is a grain is nutritionally reflected in its high carbohydrate content in comparison to other vegetables.

Our corn is extra special – it is both white and super sweet!

What is the difference between super sweet white corn and super sweet yellow corn?

  1. The color
  2. White corn is sweeter than the yellow variety
  3. The seeds have thin skin, so it is more pleasant to eat.

White corn can be eaten fresh directly from the cob. It is juicy and wonderful just like a fruit. If you still choose to cook it, it can be steamed, roasted, or cooked in water. Just remember not to cook it for more than 5-7 minutes because as opposed to vegetables or other grains, if cooked for longer it will become hard and lose its flavor.

Corn is rich in dietary fibers (that aid the digestive system), B vitamins, and many minerals including iron, magnesium, selenium, zinc and phosphorus. It is rich in folate (which is essential for, among other things, the normal development of children and proper fetus development during pregnancy) and in antioxidants that assist in strengthening the immune system.