Snow peas

אפונת שלג של חוות תקוע

Snow peas are a thin and delicate strain of peas. In Israel they are also referred to as “Chinese peas”.

They have a bright red color, sweetish taste and  crispy texture. They are grown here during the winter months.

The entire snow pea is eaten  – the pod including the seeds inside.

They can be eaten raw, steamed, blanched or stir fried for just a few minutes in order to preserve the bright green color and crispy texture.

Snow peas are excellent when added to stir fires, cold or hot salads,  stir fried alone with a delicate seasoning, etc.

Preparation: Removing  “string” of the pod might improve the eating experience. To remove the string, cut the tip of the pod at one end and pull. Repeat from the other end if necessary.

Snow peas are rich in vitamins A, C and K. .100 grams of snow peas supplies 100% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C.