Quail Eggs

Quail eggs are considered a delicacy all over the world. They are very small and graceful. Their shells are cream colored with brown spots, and the yolk is a deep yellow. They taste very similar to chicken eggs, but their small size can enrich a dish with grace and interest.

There are many species of quail. It belongs to the same family as the pheasant and lives mainly in open areas. The species called “common quail” is the only one passing over our region after flying some 700 km. Huge flocks cross the Mediterranean Sea and land in Northern Africa. The species that is commonly farmed in Israel is the Japanese quail.

5 quail eggs = 1 chicken egg.

The shells are harder than those of regular eggs. They need to be sawed open with a small serrated knife, or alternatively one can purchase special scissors.

Quail eggs can be prepared and used just like regular eggs, taking into account the fact that their small size shortens the cooking time.

They contain unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins (mainly B12), essential amino acids and minerals.

Quail eggs are farmed under close veterinary supervision and the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture.